First and foremost I am a MUM to two small boys!  Leo, our crazy, fun loving pre-schooler and Sebastian, our smiley, beautiful toddler.  They have taken over my world but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Nothing quite prepares you for having children but they are my INSPIRATION and I take photos of them all day long, including a lot of dodgy selfies, wanting to remember all these moments that pass us by so quickly. 

I have been shooting CHILDREN AND FAMILIES for nearly 5 years now and having Leo and Sebastian means I’m more passionate about it then ever. 

I also ADORE my friends, quite partial to a tattoo and wouldn’t be without my husband and family.  The self-confessed geek in me also loves crosswords and jigsaw puzzles!


I LOVE to capture those in-between moments that get missed in day to day life.  They should be remembered along with the big milestones but are so easily forgotten. 

I love to watch FAMILIES INTERACT and for them to take time out and just be.  A photography shoot lets you do just that.

I love to see SIBLINGS reactions to each other, especially when a new one comes along.  I loved watching my youngest around 4 months just staring in awe and smiling at his older brother who in turn was trying to show off and show him who was boss. 

I am a mum who always takes the pictures, I’m never in them (apart from the countless selfies) and sometimes it would just be nice to CAPTURE the way my children look at me and interact with me. 

Today the culture is to take numerous photos on our phones each day, which are great but what do we ever do with these photos.  We don’t print them.  We don’t TREASURE them.  We don’t look back on them.  I think it’s important to keep these MEMORIES and having a family photography shoot is perfect for this.

Children are perfect models as they have fewer inhibitions and they usually love being the centre of attention so having a camera to play around with is a PERFECT GAME for them and you can see the best of them.

Watching children have fun is such a JOY to me but we usually spend a lot of time being the parent/teacher so a family shoot can provide such an environment where everyone has fun and gets caught up in the moment.

Photo Credit @ Claire Richardson